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Hepatitis is described as inflammation of the liver and is usually the result of a viral infection or liver damage caused by drinking alcohol. There are several different types of hepatitis. . .

The most common symptoms

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  • Flu like illness
    Flu like illness

    Flu like illness

  • Itchy skin
    Itchy skin

    Itchy skin

  • Tummy pain
    Tummy pain

    Tummy pain


Men and Women - Short term Hepatitis often has no noticeable symptoms

If you do develop symptoms, these can include;

  • A high temperature,
  • Feeling and being sick,
  • Muscle and joint pain, 
  • Tiredness,
  • Loss of appetite
  • Stomach ache, 
  • Dark urine, 
  • pale or grey coloured poo,
  • Itchy skin or,
  • Jaundice.

What does a check-up/test involve?

A physical examinaton of your symptoms, blood tests and sometimes a CAT scan or sonogram of the liver 


Hepatitis A - is usually caused by consuming food or drink that has been contaminated with the poo of an infected person.

There is no specific treatment other than treatment for the symptoms such as itching, pain or nausea and will pass within a couple of months. It is recomended that you get vacinated if you are travelling to countries where the infection is common. 

Hepatitis B - is spread through the blood of an infected person. In rare cases in can be spread through unprotected sex or by injecting drugs. 

Most adults are able to fight off the virus and recover within a couple of months. However it is recomened to get vaccinated if you inject drugs or are a gay man. In 2017 the vaccine has been added to the immunisation program for children. 

Hepatitis C - is the most common virus found within the UK and is mainly spread through blood to blood contact with an infected person, most notabley through the sharing of needles used to inject drugs. 

There is no current vaccine, but it can be treated very effectively with antiviral medications

If left untreated?

Long term Hepatitis may not have any symptoms until the liver stops working properly. In the later stages, you could experience swelling in the legs, ankles and feet, confusion, jaundice and blood in your poo or vomit. 

Some types of hepatitis can cause long lasting liver problems, liver scarring and in some cases liver cancer