Wot Wud U Do?

About Us

The concept,

Wot Wud U Do is an interactive and thought provoking resource, designed to make professionals life easier, when it comes to educating the younger generation on topics that impact them daily.  These topics are mental health, relationships and sex. 

Our vision is simple; to change how young people think when confronted with day to day challenges on mental health, relationship and/or sex. We support our vision with three main aims, which are:

  • To educate young people to think critically when it comes to making decisions
  • To raise their awareness of how their level of self-esteem affects their ability to make decisions
  • To stimulate a lively debate within the classroom by simply asking ‘Wot Wud U Do’.

Alongside our interactive videos we have 18 curriculum based lesson plans, supported with teacher notes and student handouts. For a free trial please email us at info@wotwududo.co.uk  


  • "It was of particular interest to me to hear students commenting on enjoying this approach to learning, which is always a  valuable insight into their way of learning and engagement" Pastoral & Safeguarding Manager, Designated Coordinator for Children Looked after & Care Leavers, Lancaster & Morecambe College

  • "Relevant issues, good to think of the consequences whilst not in the situations" teacher
  • "Educational and engaging to do the right thing when you have to face these kind of situations” 19, male
  • The videos were informative on the dangers that come with alcohol and social media, because of this it is very relevant to todays society ” 18, male
  • I think they're very real topics that young people have to know about, shows well what your actions could lead to.” 17, male
  • Relevant to our age, engages us because these situations happen to us” 16, female

What did they learn?

  • "It opened me up to thinking about things I wouldn’t usually think about" 16, Female
  • "Not to be peer pressured into something you don’t want to do" 16, male
  • "How I can look at my own critical thinking process" 17, male
  • "Being responsible, being aware of different outcomes and situations" 16, female
  • "What isnt consent" 17, female


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