Wot Wud U Do?

About Us

The concept,

  • Wot Wud U Do aims to develop a young persons critical thinking skills by getting them to think differently, to think ahead, to think more independently and to think from different viewpoints to learn to be confident when it comes to making important choices.
  • We do this through a series of interactive videos that prompts the young people to make a choice and to explore the possible reactions and consequences of their choices and action.
  • This prompt can be used by fellow professionals to introduce a variety of relationship and sexual health topics to empower young people to take personal responsibility
  • Aiming to make the subject matter more relatable and engaging, supporting young people by giving them information they need before they need it and referring them to the relevant local services for more information, guidance and advice



  • "It was of particular interest to me to hear students commenting on enjoying this approach to learning, which is always a  valuable insight into their way of learning and engagement" Pastoral & Safeguarding Manager, Designated Coordinator for Children Looked after & Care Leavers, Lancaster & Morecambe College
  • "Relevant issues, good to think of the consequences whilst not in the situations" teacher
  • "Educational and engaging to do the right thing when you have to face these kind of situations” 19, male
  • The videos were informative on the dangers that come with alcohol and social media, because of this it is very relevant to todays society ” 18, male
  • I think they're very real topics that young people have to know about, shows well what your actions could lead to.” 17, male
  • Relevant to our age, engages us because these situations happen to us” 16, female

What did they learn?

  • "It opened me up to thinking about things I wouldn’t usually think about" 16, Female
  • "Not to be peer pressured into something you don’t want to do" 16, male
  • "How I can look at my own critical thinking process" 17, male
  • "Being responsible, being aware of different outcomes and situations" 16, female
  • "What isnt consent" 17, female

We run tailored educational workshops for professionals who work with young people and build trainig packages around your chosen subjects. For more info please click here

All information is referenced from The British association of sexual health and HIV and was last updated January 2017. If you feel you are showing any symptoms or need a piece of mind please contact your local GUM clinic, doctor or practice nurse for more information, knowing that everything done is held in the strictest of confidentiality.


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